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Let the water flow with the URACA pressure converter

elephant multi with water recovery technology

elephant multi with FFG water recovery technology is a powerful and economical solution for sewer cleaning. Water recovery means: water is separated from the suctioned sludge materials and prepared up until the final cleaning in such a way that the high pressure pump can work continuously.

The pressure converter used (instead of the dirt-sensitive 3-plunger pump), is completely unaffected by contaminations in the water. The performance data amount to 330 to 550 (variable) litres per minute at a pressure of up to 200 bar.

The benefits
  • valuable drinking water is not used
  • low-maintenance and robust technology
  • Coarse and fine filter unit with automatic centrifugal separator for high-throughput capability
  • High standard of quality through proven and proprietary components
  • self-cleaning filter system for continuous operation
  • using sophisticated filtering technology, abrasive materials are filtered out of the recovered water to avoid a "sandblasting" of the drain
  • separated, independent speed control of the vacuum pump (suction) and high pressure pump
  • significantly less wear (as the pressure converter operates at 20 strokes a minute) than a conventional 3-plunger pump with over 550 revolutions
  • less system weight since no additional settling chambers are required
  • simple, user-friendly controls
  • maintenance and cleaning requirement of less than 15 minutes a day
  • URACA pressure converter with proven drive technology from Bosch Rexroth
  • hydraulic pressure protection - thus no wear to any safety valves
  • The pressure converter was specifically designed to work with drain water with a higher than average proportion of solids (the origin of the pump from the concrete pump area)
  • maximum power output, with no performance loss caused by overflow of the safety valve
Comparison for sewer cleaning vehicles with water conditioning
 3-plunger pumpPressure converter pump
Energy consumption / efficiency approx. 87%••• approx. 82%••
Control and safety •••
System weight •••
Construction volume / mounting options •• ••
Speed / operating frequency 572 min-1 19 min-1•••
Dirt resistance / wear •••
Maintenance and repair costs •••
Purchase price (system) ••
Environmental risk (water / hydraulic oil) ••• •••

= Plus point