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A solution for every task

The elephant-C-line

Do you have special tasks? We have special solutions.


Optimum system configurations let us offer the right solution for your specific application.


Our designs stand out with high individuality and f lexibility. In close coordination with you, we construct vehicles with the ideal features and layout for your tasks


• Sewage sludge disposal

• Tank cleaning

• Sewer cleaning

• Water treatment

• Hazardous material disposal

• Grease disposal

• Highest pressure

• Winter operation (winter case to –25 °C)

• Suction depth down to 28 metres below street level

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Combined high-pressure jetting and suction vehicle with recyclingsystem

The recycler is equipped with a multi-stage water treatment system, the treated water is fed to the plunger pump via a coarse filter, cyclone separator and a cascade.

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Combined high-pressure jetting and suction vehicle

The elephant multi range includes state of the art suction and rinsing vehicles. They are efficient in practice, and are completely robust and reliable. The vehicle range goes from 3.5 tonnes to 40 tonnes.

We are able to offer you the correct solutions for your specific tasks thanks to our flexible technical equipment options. 

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Suction vehicle

When it comes to the collection and transportation of wet waste, we offer a variety of different design solutions. Whether it's cleaning gullies quickly and efficiently, professionally disposing of grease traps or simply transporting sewage and sludge: we have the right solution for you. When it comes to the easy emptying of pit buckets, you are well equipped with the elephant vacu. The hydraulic suction boom with the combined rinsing and suction tube and the winch system considerably facilitate works.

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Emphasized in this design is the arrangement of two stainless steel water tanks laterally built into the wheel housing area. This tank system produces excellent handling characteristics and an impressive amount of space.

The benefits of this unique concept are:

  • Outstanding handling characteristics
    Due to a lower centre of gravity and the arrangement of the two tank elements on the sides of the vehicle, optimum handling characteristics and also a lower risk of accidents are achieved.

  • Exceptionally large amount of space
    For the proper storage of accessories and implements, there is a large amount of space in the vehicle. The design of the DUO tank system that conforms to the walls of the vehicle produces generously sized passageways, and additional room which can be used for storage. Other storage options are available in front of the vehicle.

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