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Areas of application

Gully cleaning


When it comes to the easy emptying of pit buckets, you are well equipped with the elephant vacu. The hydraulic suction boom with the combined rinsing and suction tube and the winch system considerably facilitate works.


Eductor up to 28 m

In order to cope with suction depths of up to 28 metres with our elephant multi without external accessories, we have created a powerful and economical solution. With a powerful vacuum pump with a minimum of 2,400 m³/h, an integrated air compressor as well as a specially designed suction hose, the necessary suction depth is easily achieved in order to transport solid and liquid substances upwards.

We are able to offer you the correct solutions for your specific tasks thanks to our flexible technical equipment options. In addition to the proven high pressure hose swivel system, our innovative telescopic extension system with its enormous range of over 3,500 mm sets new standards in sewer cleaning. Here, the suction and high pressure hose is equipped with parallel auxiliary drives on the extension boom.

Hazardous materials (ADR)

Our combined elephant multi suction and rinsing vehicles, as well as our elephant vacu suction vehicles, can of course be fitted with hazardous materials equipment. For this, we can offer you a wide range of design solutions for the tank codes L4AH and L4BBH (according to GVSE/ADR). Depending on the disposal task, the tank can be fitted with standard black or stainless steels.

Winter solutions - elephant multi ISO

• For continuous use at temperatures down to -25°C
• Enclosure of the entire system with a sandwich box van body
• Powerful hot air system in the trunk
• Maintenance panels for all major components
• A major amount of storage space inside the trunk
• Easy to keep clean thanks to the trunk design
• Very durable construction thanks to the housing, thus protecting critical components from environmental influences
• Suitable for 3 and 4-axle chassis
• Alternative winter systems down to -5°C / -10°C / -15°C available


Your full-power advantage at freezing temperatures. A warm air heating system provides a safe operating temperature in the trunk. This means that even the harshest winter will not keep you from working.

Job Reports

Job reports

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