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Cleaning system

Fully automatic water treatment

coarse filter (1080 × 780 px).gif

4-stage cleaning system

  • Coarse sieve - Grain size

  • Disk filter (self-cleaning) - grain size 350 μm

  • Hydrocyclones, self-cleaning - grain size 50 μm, the grain size varies depending on the
    contamination level of the dirty water

  • Large settling chamber with cascade overflow

  • Maintenance and cleaning hole - accessible from the outside

  • Residual sludge extraction in front of the separation chamber / settling chamber into
    the sludge chamber

  • Feed pump (rotary piston)

  • As the high-pressure pump you can either choose a plunger pump or a pressure
    converter. FFG water treatment works automatically and is controlled by corresponding level sensors in order to permanently have the maximum (flushing) water quantity available.

  • Only little time exposure needed for the system cleaning

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