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elephant e-power

Alternative drives for suction and flushing vehicles

The elephant e-power

It is not only the combination of technologies used, but above all the innovative, holistic concept that makes this project unique in the pipe and sewer cleaning industry.

We attach great importance not only to presenting a theoretical service life of the vehicle, but also to offering a comprehensive concept, from the analysis of the expected energy requirements, tools for charge management and training in the optimization of work processes. We offer our customers a real solution - not just a vehicle.

Your advantages:


Body on a Volvo FM electric ready for series production

    • No costly conversion by a "converter" necessary​

    • Simple integration of our standard body

    • Volvo service partner network

  • Use of our standard components

    • No significant surcharge for our superstructure​

    • Familiar operation and quality for customers and users

    • No prototype - the vehicle can be ordered immediately and can be configured as a vacuum, combi or recycler.

VAK Innovation Award
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Automatic water treatment
low noise emissions
Your partner at your side
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Our solution for you:

  • Overall concept for the introduction of an electric suction and flushing vehicle in your fleet

  • In-depth data analysis and consideration of your individual load profiles

  • Economic analysis

elephant e-power
elephant e power
Test elephant e-power
elephant e-power

Combined rinsing and sludge suction vehicle with water treatment

em 11.003 Recycler

Volvo FM electric

  • Tank 11,000 liters

  • SAMSON Truck Master 1700

  • Pratissoli MFR 50

  • elephant comfort pro control system

  • multifunctional boom XL

  • Automatic recycling system

  • Automatic piston movement

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