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elephant comfort plus

5"zoll display

The innovative elephant comfort plus control system provides the operator with self-explanatory instructions for the various process-oriented functions, thus eliminating operating errors!

  • Visual operator guidance and feedback

  • Display and control via a color TFT display with 5" screen diagonal, as well as illuminated function keys and selector switches

  • Acquisition and processing of sensor data

  • The control panel (IP67 housing) is installed in the rear right-hand side of the vehicle in a device box.

Control functions

  • Control of engine speed, high pressure and vacuum system, as well as piston traverse, light and other extras

  • Error logging and acknowledgement

  • Monitoring of maintenance and service intervals with alarm function

  • Display of operating hours and operating temperatures

  • Pressure preselection for pressure control of the HP pump

  • Pressure and liter display for high-pressure operation

  • Preselection and display of the speed of the vacuum pump

  • Pressure display of the vacuum system

  • Automatic process-controlled piston procedure with closed li

  • Display and adjustment of the piston travel pressure

  • Display of the filling levels for the water and sludge chambers

  • Display of hose lengths in detail as well as daily rinsing distances and individual setting of zero points

  • Automatic tracking of suction and rinsing hoses during telescoping

Secondary control and daughter display via radio remote control

(1 transmitter / 1 receiver)

  • Display of pressure preselection and pressure of the HP pump, vacuum pressure and hose length on a graphic display 4 lines

  • Display and acknowledgement of warning and error messages

  • Control of the PTO, engine speed, high pressure and vacuum system, as well as boom functions incl. if available a hydraulic winch via switches and two 3-axis joysticks

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